Hunting Drill Pipe – Drill Rod for All Makes and Models

Hunting Directional Drill Rod and Tooling Now available.  True North HDD is your Competitive Solution for Directional Drill Rods.
  • True North HDD has been given factory authorized distribution rights to sell “Hunting Trenchless Products”.  Hunting is considered the “Cadillac” of drill rod and is the preferred choice in the underground industry. They definitely have the history and reputation to back this up.
  • We will have the full support of “inside sales” to make sure customers get the information they need to make the right decision on Directional Drill Rod and Tooling!
  • We offer a complete list of roadmaps to help the customer with their tooling choice.  These roadmaps include all parts required to change-over any rig to hunting drill rod and tooling!

Special on Weld On Reamer Teeth! – Hardmetals (Canada)

For the next 7 days, get your EM405-22 Weld On Carbide Systems for just $9.25 a piece!


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True North HDD is partnering with Hardmetals (Canada) Inc. to bring you great prices on specialized products!

We are now bringing you industrial products for:

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Tooling
  • Exploration and mining and drill bits
  • Construction and foundation drilling tools
  • Surface and trenching profiling tools
  • Custom or specially designed wear parts


True North HDD and Hardmetals (Canada) – Building relationships based on honesty, integrity, and high-quality products!


advantage drill pipe

True North Advantage Drill Pipe made by Hunting

advantage drill pipeTrue North HDD Advantage Drill Pipe – made and manufactured by Hunting

Most competitive priced rod in the industry today!

  • Forged or inertia welded drill stem
  • We stand behind our product 100% warranty
  • Construction – Forged end, inertia welded drill stem
  • Material – Meets or exceeds API S-135 material – the highest grade for oil field

Identical to OEM drill stem in:

  • Physical dimensions
  • Torque rating
  • Maximum push/pull rating
  • Slight variations in bend radius and wall thickness

Vermeer Direction Drill Rod

  • 1.66 x 6 ft. w/#200
    • For 7×11, 9×13, 10×15 drills
  • 2.06 x 10 ft. w/#400
    • For 16×20, 18×22, and 20×22 drills
  • 2.37 x 10 ft. w/#600
    • For 24x40a & D24x40 drills

Ditch Witch Directional Drill Rod

  • 2.06 x 10 ft. w/1.94-4
    • For JT2020 and JT20 drills
  • 2.37 x 10 ft. w/2.11-4
    • For JT2720, JT3020, JT30, and JT25 drills

We finance directional drill rod!

We dropship throughout Canada and the U.S.

Call us for a quote, (844) 787-8343 or (204) 479-1297 or email us at

Save hundreds on your Dirt Tool Combo Pack

Save hundreds on your Dirt tool combo pack – starting at $1,250 CND

  • Tri-Cone Bits
    • Tri-Cone bits for the toughest drilling conditions, at the best prices.
  • Over the Bit Reamer
    • True North HDD is now selling the Over the bit reamer. Takes you from drilling to reaming in seconds.
  • Hot Shot Pull-Back Adapter
    • Made to move rock, our design is field-proven to cut and steer through loose rock and cobble.


Save thousands on your Rock Tooling Combo Pack – call for your free quote today.

Setting the standard in the industry while saving you thousands on the longer-lasting product.

radius rock bitsRock Bit Combo Pack:

  • Housing
  • Adapter
  • Connection sub

Call for your rock tooling quote today!

trencher chains

Hitachi Trencher Chain Cutting Systems / Assemblies 

Now offering Hitachi Trencher Chain Cutting Systems / Assemblies

  • Precision pitch control
  • Broached/shaved holes
  • Best possible fit due to shot peened parts and hydraulic press assembly
  • Roller & Sidebar Links designed with Offset Rivet Feature
  • Anti back-flex feature for sidebar links

Trencher Chain Cutting Systems / Assemblies

  • S = Scorpion – Solid Weld Assembly
  • A = Alligator – Solid Weld Assembly
  • C = Combination Scorpion & Cup Bolt-On Assembly

rencher Sprockets, Rollers, and Teeth

Manufactured oem or custom to your machine.


Trencher teeth

  • Heat treated
  • Precision machine
  • Top of the lineQuality steel used
hdd financing

Need financing for equipment?

We Finance HDD Equipment

We specialize in HDD! Whether you’re buying a drill only or full package. We can also handle any other equipment needs for your business. Not buying from a dealer? We handle private party purchases as well. Call or email with any questions or to get started!


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