True North HDD is growing strong and rapidly. Not only are we growing in the sales but also in staff! In June 2020 we added two new employees and also have partnered with Flatland Diesel to fully service and repair True North HDD equipment/consignments.

It’s an exciting time at True North HDD and we are glad you are a part of it.

Steve Bryne, Shop Assistant

Steve was hired at the end of June and since then has been hard at work in our shop. He was given the mighty task of re-organizing and and up-keeping the True North HDD Shop. He didn’t shy away from the challenge and has put countless hours into making our shop more accessible! We applaud you Steve!




Stelio Constantinides, Sales and Marketing Assistant

We recently hired Stelio at the end of June as a summer student. He has been busy updating, enhancing our online platforms, and following up with customers to improve the True North HDD customer experience. Stelio has enjoyed his time at True North HDD so much that he has decided to commit to working in the fall!




Jason Stratton, Flatland Diesel

Jason has countless years of experience as an HDD mechanic, he can fix it all! We are very proud to announce that Jason and Flatland Diesel Mechanics have OFFICIALLY partnered with True North HDD to service all of our equipment! This partnership has opened the door onsite service and repairs, as well as service call-outs province wide!




Stan Collins Boyd, Marketing Director

Stan has been with True North HDD for 4 years and has aided in building the brand across North America. Stan has designed our website, launched numerous True North HDD social media platforms and maintains our online stores. Stan uses his experience in marketing to help True North HDD grow its customer base throughout North America and beyond.




Leanne Amor, Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire. Leanne is the glue that keeps the company together. She is the go-to for quick information, and is always willing to help. In June she transitioned from working part-time to full-time at True North HDD and we could not be more grateful! Thank you Leanne for all you do!



Mark Flaman, Owner

Mark is the Owner of True North HDD. But the word “Owner” does not do Mark justice. Mark ensures that his customers and employees well-being is the top priority, and is always striving to improve his services. He is the ultimate entrepreneur and his passion for his business inspires all of us on a daily basis.