Save hundreds on your Dirt Tool Combo Pack

Save hundreds on your Dirt tool combo pack – starting at $1,250 CND

  • Tri-Cone Bits
    • Tri-Cone bits for the toughest drilling conditions, at the best prices.
  • Over the Bit Reamer
    • True North HDD is now selling the Over the bit reamer. Takes you from drilling to reaming in seconds.
  • Hot Shot Pull-Back Adapter
    • Made to move rock, our design is field-proven to cut and steer through loose rock and cobble.


Save thousands on your Rock Tooling Combo Pack – call for your free quote today.

Setting the standard in the industry while saving you thousands on the longer-lasting product.

radius rock bitsRock Bit Combo Pack:

  • Housing
  • Adapter
  • Connection sub

Call for your rock tooling quote today!

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